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Magniber Ransomware Making Rounds on Warez Sites Posing as Windows 10 Updates

Published on: 3 ឧសភា 2022

A new ransomware campaign is making the rounds targeting Windows users who make a habit of downloading pirated content. Serving as another reminder to stay away from warez and crack sites, the Magniber ransomware campaign reportedly started a few days ago. Since April 27...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 128 Vulnerabilities, including NSA-Reported High-Severity Zero-Day

Published on: 19 មេសា 2022

Microsoft’s April 2022 Patch Tuesday security updates address no less than 128 vulnerabilities, including 10 rated as critical, 115 as important, and three flagged as moderately severe.


Chrome 99 Rolls Out with Dozens of Security Fixes. Update Now!

Published on: 4 មីនា 2022

Google this week is rolling out Chrome 99 for desktop users worldwide addressing a wide range of security flaws in the world’s most popular web browser. Many of the bugs are rated high-severity, meaning users should update sooner rather than later.


Researchers Retrieve Hive Ransomware Master Encryption Key Using Algorithm Flaw

Published on: 24 កុម្ភៈ 2022

Researchers recently announced they deciphered data encrypted with Hive ransomware without using the private key the malware generates to lock the content. "By analyzing the encryption process of Hive ransomware, we confirmed that vulnerabilities exist by using their own encryption algorithm," according to...


Ransomware Dev Releases Master Encryption Keys for Maze, Egregor, Sekhmet Ransomware

Published on: 14 កុម្ភៈ 2022

The alleged developer of Maze, Sekhmet and Egregor ransomware released this week the master decryption keys for the malicious operations on the BleepingComputer forum.


Enforced 2FA Cuts Account Compromise by Half, Google Says

Published on: 10 កុម្ភៈ 2022

After enabling two-factor authentication by default for much of its user base, Google claims to have seen a 50% decrease in accounts being compromised. The Internet giant is moving forward with the initiative, saying it plans to auto-enroll more users in 2022.


Beware! Facebook accounts being hijacked via Messenger prize phishing chats

Published on: 1 កុម្ភៈ 2022

Facebook users are being warned of a phishing campaign that tries to break into accounts, disguised as a Facebook Messenger chat from a friend.


Apple Prepares iOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2 to Address Nasty Privacy Flaw in WebKit (Safari)

Published on: 26 មករា 2022

Apple is preparing new versions of iOS and macOS that include an important fix for a recently discovered flaw in WebKit, the web browser engine used by Safari and many other apps on the two operating systems. On January 14, researchers from FingerprintJS made a worrying disclosure: a bug in Safari 15’s implementation of the IndexedDB API lets any website track the user’s browsing activity and even reveal their identity. The team had discovered and reported the issue...


FBI Warns Users of Google Voice Authentication Scams

Published on: 11 មករា 2022

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning about a new wave of Google Voice authentication scams tricking people into giving attackers their Gmail credentials. Google Voice is a service that lets people set up a virtual phone number...


Pharma Spammers Use Omicron Variant to Push Fake Diabetes Supplements

Published on: 7 មករា 2022

Scammers have found a creative way of exploiting the covid-19 Omicron variant in a new pharma spam campaign that has reached tens of thousands of recipients across the globe. Bitdefender Anti-spam researchers have noticed a wave of scam emails promoting over-the-counter dietary supplements that could...