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Europol and Singapore Police arrest suspect behind €6 million Coronavirus money laundering scheme

Published on: 8 មេសា 2020

As the cybercrime landscape continues to expand amid the Coronavirus pandemic, governments around the world have joined forces to fight the rising criminal activity. In a press release from April 6, Europol announced that a 39-year old man...


Android Apps and Malware Capitalize on Coronavirus

Published on: 30 មីនា 2020

As new developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak emerge, Android developers (malware developers included) have started capitalizing the topic.


Coronavirus Job Listings and Money Laundering Schemes

Published on: 25 មីនា 2020

Criminals never cease to amaze us. If the recent outbreak wasn’t enough to fill your plate, picture yourself tricked into becoming a money mule for scammers feeding off the Covid-19 scare. Many people have had their lives turned upside down and were not able to resort to remote work to keep their jobs. Those now seeking a work-from-home job may find themselves an accessory in a money-laundering scheme.


Miracle cures and dodgy advice for Coronavirus

Published on: 20 មីនា 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads across the world, fraudsters are preying on the fears of consumers everywhere. Misinformation is spreading like wildfire, and misbranded or unapproved products claiming to have curative effects or to prevent...


Mysterious cyberattack cripples Czech hospital amid COVID-19 outbreak

Published on: 18 មីនា 2020

A cyberattack hits the second-biggest hospital in Czech Republic in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak last Friday. The incident was confirmed by the Czech National Office for Cyber and Information Security (NÚKIB), which is working alongside...


Phishing Email Aims to Trick Hospital Staff with ‘Coronavirus Seminar’

Published on: 18 មីនា 2020

A new phishing scam is capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking to steal credentials of healthcare workers with the promise of a “coronavirus awareness” seminar. An email purporting to come from the organization’s IT department urges...


Bitdefender blocks CVE-2020-0796 ‘EternalDarkness Bug’ at Network Level

Published on: 18 មីនា 2020

A new vulnerability in the SMB protocol allows an unauthenticated attacker to run arbitrary code on vulnerable computers. Bitdefender detects and blocks this type of exploitation at the network level as Exploit.SMB.CVE-2020-0796.EternalDarkness, via the Network Attack Defense module in Bitdefender GravityZone.


Public Health Agency Shut Down by Ransomware Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Published on: 16 មីនា 2020

The Champaign Urbana Public Health District (CHUPD) in Illinois, which serves hundreds of thousands of Americans, has had its official website taken down by ransomware operatives. CHUPD serves 210,000 people, including the University of Illinois...


Spammers Use Coronavirus Message to Deploy Keylogger

Published on: 13 មីនា 2020

Hackers are weaponizing the COVID-2019 coronavirus disease, trying to trick people into downloading malware so attackers can steal valuable information from victims’ computers. Malware deployed through infected emails and files is nothing new...


Passwords Remain the Main Method of Authentication and Top Cause of Data Breaches

Published on: 12 មីនា 2020

The username/password combo is still the dominant method of authentication used to access business devices, apps and data. Conversely, the password is still the top attack vector for organizations of all sizes, new research shows.