Password Manager

Ultra-secure, feature-rich password manager. Keep your passwords safe and access them from anywhere.

Bitdefender Password Manager is a multi-platform service that helps you store and organize all your online passwords. It comes with the strongest known cryptographic algorithms, so your online credentials are safe and secure. Easily manage your logins with the help of a single master password.


    តម្លៃធម្មតា: US$27,70

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    តម្លៃធម្មតា: US$27,70

    Special Price US$16,95

    តម្លៃខាងលើនេះសម្រាប់តែការទិញ License តែប៉ុណ្ណោះ ហើយមិនរួមបញ្ចូលសេវាតំឡើងអ្វីផ្សេងទេ។

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    Strongest data security protocols


    Bitdefender Password Manager is equipped with AES-256-CCM, SHA512, BCRYPT, HTTPS, and WSS protocols for data transmission. All data is encrypted and decrypted locally - the account holder alone has access to the Master Password.

    Runs and syncs on multiple platforms and browsers


    This multi-platform service comes as a browser extension for Windows and macOS that supports the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. It provides mobile apps for Android and iOS. Add the offline access, and you basically have access to your passwords anytime, anywhere.

    Imports data easily


    Retrieve your passwords from a multitude of password managers and file formats: Bitdefender Wallet, 1Password, Bitwarden, Chrome browser, Dashlane, LastPass, Firefox browser, Sticky Password. It supports many file formats: json, csv, xml, txt, 1pif, fsk and protects your exports by password.

    Includes a password strength advisor


    Are you safe enough when it comes to privacy?! We recommend you conduct your daily online business under the “better safe than sorry” principle. Our service provides you a password strength check so you know immediately when a password needs more complexity.

    Simplifies the management of your online identities 


    Browse through online identities with ease and let Bitdefender Password Manager autofill online forms with personal data for you. All data is encrypted locally and no third party has access to it.

    All features

    Password handling

    Password Generator

    Generate a secure, complex, and unique password for every new account, in a single click. Forget about reusing passwords. Forget the hassle of creating new, strong passwords. Forget about having to remember them.

    Password Capturing & Automatically Save Passwords

    Let us take care of your online safety habits. We will prompt you to store your passwords immediately after creating them. Moreover, the passwords will be kept in the ultra-safe environment we provide for you.

    Intelligent Password Autofill

    On a website you’ve already visited? Let Password manager autofill user sign-in information and passwords. Our algorithms can prefill credentials on visited websites, saving you precious time.

    Password Quality Check

    On the internet you are as safe as your most vulnerable password. Don’t let the bad guys take over your accounts! This feature will let you know if a password requires your immediate attention.

    Search and Delete Password Duplicates

    The truth is many of us reuse passwords. A single attack could leave you exposed on multiple fronts. No need for password recycling as you now use a tool that puts Password Generator at your disposal – the one-click feature that generates long, complex passwords for every account.

    Hide / Unhide password

    You can never be safe enough! When typing in your account details, you can either display or hide your password. Why not hide it?!

    Multiplatform password synchronization

    Our solution supports a multitude of web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge). Once saved, you can access your passwords from a PC, a Mac, or a mobile device running Android with the help of a single Master Password. With “Offline mode” – a feature that lets you access your passwords when an internet connection is out of reach – password management could not get any easier!

    Password warnings and hint section

    Useful info at the tips of your fingers! Our security report displays information about your password hygiene: duplicate, weak, or leaked passwords. This way you know when it’s time to act.

    Auto lock setup

    Did you forget to sign out after using a device that is not yours?! This feature will lock the password manager with a PIN or log you out after a period of inactivity at browser level.

    Account recovery – recovery key

    Don’t worry about not being able to access Password Manager or losing all your passwords. You can always recover your Master Key and regain access to your account.

    Other functionalities

    Password leak automatic alert

    Has your data been leaked? Rest assured you will know if it has and have the chance to react. Password Manager constantly monitors breaches and issues alerts when usernames, e-mails, passwords, or credit cards are exposed.

    Identities management

    Store multiple identities and let Password Manager automatically fill in your details in web forms before making a purchase. Quick, easy and secure! All identities are encrypted locally on the user’s computer or mobile phone so no one but you has access to this sensitive data.

    Credit card management

    Save credit card details to enjoy a smooth online shopping experience. Protect your card details from prying eyes so your funds remain yours. Your data will be encrypted locally, and you will the only person with access to it via Master Password.

    Secure me feature

    If you’re sharing a device with other people, we strongly recommend you turn on “Secure me” and enjoy the possibility of remotely logging out or deleting browsing history of any device you might have used.

    Secure notes

    “Secure notes” acts just like a secret notebook where you can store sensitive data, sort it and use color coding to better visualize it. Not only does it keep information tidy, but you also keep it safe and secure.

    Import / Export

    Import / export data

    From Bitdefender Wallet, 1Password, Bitwarden, Chrome browser, Dashlane, LastPass, Firefox browser, Sticky Password. Supported formats: json, csv, xml, txt, 1pif, fsk.

    Export protected by password

    Export protected by password

    System Requirements

    Bitdefender Password Manager


    The latest version of Password Manager supports the following web browsers:

    Microsoft Edge: (based on Chromium 80 and later) on Windows 7 and later

    Mozilla Firefox: version 65 on Windows 7 and later

    Google Chrome: version 72 on Windows 7 and later

    Safari*: version 12 on Windows 7 and later

    * System performance may be affected on devices that have old generation CPUs


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