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Google Announces Client-Side Encryption for Gmail Corporate Users

Google Announces Client-Side Encryption for Gmail Corporate Users

Google has announced that corporate users will finally get client-side encryption (CSE) for Gmail and Google Calendar, giving its services an important security boost.

Client-side encryption is now present in many communication apps, and it’s been used in email communication for years. As Google revealed at the Google Cloud Next event, the feature will be available to corporate users and to the companies that use their services.

This new security features means that only the two parties exchanging information will have access to the data. For example, just the person who sends the email and the person who receives it will have access to the information. No one else has access to the emails, not even Google.

The company didn’t say what protocols they’re using to encrypt the information, just that they’re using “the latest cryptographic standards.” With the new system in place, businesses will have direct access to encryption keys and will be able to determine who has access to those keys.

“Above all else, a secure environment is a requirement no matter your location or device,” Goold said, according to a TechRadar report. “We also want to help customers strengthen the confidentiality of their data, while addressing data sovereignty and compliance requirements.”

No official date has been provided for the arrival of the feature, besides “soon.”  It’s also worth noting that Google hasn’t mentioned regular Gmail consumers, although they do have a Confidential Mode option that gives them some control.