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The NEW Wi-Fi Profile in Bitdefender 2017

Sending e-mails, typing sensitive credentials or shopping online while connected to unsafe wireless networks can expose your personal data at risk. Public Wi-Fi Profile adjusts product settings to give you the possibility to make payments online and use sensitive information in a protected environment.

To configure Bitdefender to apply product settings while connected to an unsafe wireless network:

1. Click the  icon on the left sidebar of the Bitdefender interface.

2. Select the Profiles tab.

3. Make sure that the Profiles option is turned on.

4. Click the CONFIGURE button from the Public Wi-Fi Profile area.

5. Let the Adjusts product settings to boost protection when connected to an unsafe public Wi-Fi network check box enabled.

6. Click Save. 

If you have the Profiles turned on, when you connect on an open or unsecured network, the  Public Wi-Fi Profile will be turned on automatically regardless what profile is active at the time.

While running in the Public Wi-Fi profile, Bitdefender Total Security 2017 is set to automatically accomplish the following program settings:

• Turns fraud protection ON

• Turns phishing protection ON

• Turns SSL Scan ON

• Turn Active Threat Control ON

• Turns Safepay automatic banking website detection ON

• Turns ON Wi-Fi Hotspot protection when browsing with Safepay

The Public Wi-Fi profile is disabled when the user is no longer connected to the unsafe (open) network.

BitdefenderTotal Security

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